26 July 2007

Egypt Part I: Desert Life

I believe all these images were taken by Orjon De Roo, a small Dutchman with a big camera. He took some stunning shots and I hope they give a little taste of the images we came across on the Sinai.


Young camel guide.

Sheep Skull.

Bedouin Youths.

Mod Cons in a Bedouin village.

Desert tree.

Foulweather contributor Saeed and myself, settling into a night under a ridiculous amount of stars.

The Red Sea, site of early morning snorkeling and afternoon distance swimming. Hard to describe the underwater sites that greeted me on the reef. The water went from two foot deep to at least twenty foot at the edge of the reef.

This hotel was outrageous, complete with male Russian prostitutes and topless Euro women (not cool in a Muslim country as you can imagine) and the site of my little brother's wedding. I had no choice but to stay there... all in the name of research of course.... ahem...

Sharm El Sheikh on Egypt's Sinai Peninsula is where my upcoming memoir 'Confessions of a Guilty Expat' is to culminate.