25 July 2007

New Day Rising

I just returned to Portland to wash off the dust from the Sinai Peninsula, the Welsh mud and London smog from my ale-bloated belly. Lots of photos to get developed and stories to tell but for now here is the sun rise from the top of Mt Sinai. We set off at about one in the morning. Hiked about three hours in the dark up rugged desert terrain, and then slept on the ancient stone steps while listening to the Islamic call to prayer and Russian Orthodox nuns singing praise. It was all quite spiritual until my brother started to release copious volumes of methane from his arse... and an all out fart war commenced at one of the holiest locations on the planet.

Moments before sunrise the batteries to my camera ran out. Ha ha... what a pisstake. Luckily I grabbed Hilde, my new sister-in-law's digi and snapped rapidly at the fiery red ball that is the morning Egyptian sun.

We momentarily forgot our blasphemous behaviour and stood in awe.