28 February 2008

...don't jump...

                                  Cape Foulweather, Summer 2007

I thought I better give a quick zine update. We got the proofs for Foulweather #2 last Friday and I mailed off my life savings to get it printed on Tuesday. Its now all in the hands of the fine printers at 1984. What's done is done.  At this point I think we are going to sell it for $5 a copy.

Other than that I'm working on Foulweather #3 and already have a couple of potential contributors lined up.

The new Wend Magazine is out and I have short piece on the hazardous nature of plastic (PETs), its recycling potential and how the outdoor recreation world is responding to it. 

Meanwhile, I'm dreaming or Iceland, Morocco, Oman and Newfoundland... or perhaps never leaving my bark garden ever again... more to follow...