21 February 2008


When I first started making zines, I decided that if I expected anyone to buy mine then I should probably support other people's. So I started picking up random publications. One of the stand out zines I stumbled upon was Infiltration: The Zine about going places you're not supposed to go.

The zine was put out by Jeff Chapman aka Ninjalicious, and compiled all sorts of accounts of modern day urban exploration. It was published in a simple black and white, photocopied and stapled, usually with three or four stories an issue. In 2005, Chapman died but a compilation book was published entitled Access All Areas. Over the last couple of years, I've been writing a fair amount about reinterpretation and subversion of the urban environment (most notably with my stores about skateboarding and Parkour in Wend Magazine) and Infiltration, in part, inspired that.

Consequently, Foulweather #3 will be all about just that, the re-interpretation and subversion of urban public (and not so public) space. What does that mean? It means re-defining what you are supposed to be doing in public i.e. commerce, consumerism or on your way to engage in one of those things. It means, stepping out of the grid system. It means re-discovering the wild that lies meters deep below the concrete. Why? Because shit like this is simply intolerable. And because it is my feeling, that when people choose to make art, voice a controversial opinion, climb a random building to check out the lunar eclipse from the roof, they are making the city more livable and exciting for all of us.

So, this is what I will be working on for 2008 and I'm actively seeking submission ideas with the goal of getting out Foulweather #3 at the end of the year. From architecture to graffiti art, public protest to parkour and skateboarding to Situationism... stay posted and get in touch with your ideas.