27 August 2008

Not So Pointless Update

I just noticed I've been slacking on the blog front. Man, how many blog posts start with that inane statement? I've actually been getting a fair bit of writing done, including some work on Foulweather #3 and I'm pretty sure I've secured some decent contributions from a couple of people.

The Zine Symposium did not go as well as I had hoped. I made some good connections and I think I found a new local printer for the next issue. I also traded lots of zines but didn't sell many but I don't think many people did.

I did my first photo shoot for
Wend Magazine. I'm pretty excited with the results, which will be published in their next issue. I'm still trying to dial in my camera but Skate And Annoy put up my most recent effort yesterday. Check it out.

Autumn is on the horizon and I've been surfing my brains out whenever I can, which has been a fair bit recently.

I've also been reassessing the Foulweather project and decided I am going to continue it but make a better effort to keep it focused on a more literary and political angle. With that in mind, there is some serious talk about starting up another publication with my friend Dave Fitzpatrick, possibly under the Foulweather umbrella, that will be more satirical in nature. It is tentatively titled
The Frontside Rock and Roll Review and we'll probably use it for more skate and surf related content with a serious dose of social satire (amongst other crap). Finally a place to publish open letters to Jack Johnson and Ryan Sheckler while also documenting the cuisine and prostitution of the Northwest's finer truck stops... What?...

Accordingly, I've deleted the link section on this blog and moved most of them over to The Front Rock Review where they are more relevant.

And, Foulweather is also hoping to collaborate with Andrew from
Blue Ruin on a photographic project documenting the changing face of Portland over the last few years.

Biting off more than I can chew? Probably....

Just a reminder, Foulweather is open to submission for issue #3, 'The Urban Wilderness' and issue #4, 'Youthful Abandon.'