19 August 2008

Portland Zine Symposium This Weekend

This is what you get when you ask Dennis Dread for a favour and then leave a bucket of chalk on your porch. Don't think, I'm not cutting out this chunk of pavement, selling it on Ebay and drinking away the proceeds to myself...

It is the Portland Zine Symposium this weekend. Foulweather has a table. I'll have copies of both issues of Foulweather and plenty of Dennis Dread Foulweather posters for sale. Also Foulweather contributor, Dave Fitzpatrick will be chilling at the table, no doubt endlessly talking shit at me all day. Please stop by and keep me sane! While you are there, be sure to check out a plethora of self-publishers displaying their publications. I believe it is 9am to 4pm both Sat and Sun at Portland State University. Click the link for more details.