16 July 2009

...throwing my mind out the office window...

I think Body Surf is my favourite website. No flashy web design, no blog/ twitter feeds, no PayPal buttons, no advertising and no text just a series of abstract wave, beach and body surfing photography. Perfect to accompany my morning of paper work procrastination and strong Ethiopian coffee, as I stare out the window onto the streets of downtown Portland, waiting for the 90 degree heat to settle in.
I'm an eternal day-dreamer. Always have been. Ever since I was little boy doing poorly in Oystermouth primary school, my mind could never stay focused on the task at hand as it was perpetually drifting out the window. Usually my day dreams involved some form of movement, through the sky, through the streets, through water. Sitting down in front of a teacher, lecturer, computer, boss for eight hours at a time has driven me insane, literally. I feel only now at the age of thirty-four, am I learning to untie some of the mental knots I've been tied into. I like a Scandinavian approach to education I've heard about. No mathematics or reading until age seven or therabouts, just play and exploration of the outdoors. Accompany that by lots of solo time, contemplating the true nature of things and some form of service to others and you might have yourself a healthy human-being. I just found out the other day that my older brother is in jail and facing a possible prison sentence. Apparently he has said, that if he knew it would be as easy as it was he would have opted to go to jail at an earlier date. At first, I wondered how the human spirit could be crushed so easily but I think I know.
I got some swim fins gathering dust in my basement and I'm going to spend the rest of the day, inbetween helping homeless youth of course, dreaming of the waves they will get me into.
Dream outside the box(es).