12 October 2009

La Plage Dystopique Part II

No it is not Dubai, it is San Alfonso del Mar in Algarrobo, Chile. See the Oddity Central blog for more.

I feel as though artificial beaches and swimming pools have the same potential tragic beauty in their inevitable downfall and decay as the once glorious British Victorian Seaside resorts and Coney Islands of this world. These ludicrous efforts to create the ultimate leisure ground never cease to amaze me. One day, I'm convinced this pool will be empty. Perhaps it will become a graffitti canvas or an unsanctioned skatepark or an intentional squat. Either way, how it is used in its decay is going to be far more interesting than its intended use today.

The world's biggest swimming pool, like Japan's Seagaia is only footsteps away from the real thing.
Truly an opulent nightmare and ecological piss-take.