27 April 2010

Pick up a random book on your book shelf, turn to a random page and make it mean something to now

It is not hard with Ben Okri. He's waiting at very corner.... my own personal recipe might add a dash of John Zerzan or Arne Naes but whoever speaks to your alienation best, will help you cook up your own individual a way out of the shit we're in.

From "Mental Flight: An Anti-Spell For the 21st Century."

Allow uncontemplated regions
Of time to protect themselves
Into your sleeping consciousness,
'Inducing terror, or mental liberation.
Much as death-confrontation
Paralyses some with despair
Makes others poison
Themselves with emptiness
But releases in a fortunate few
A quality of enlightenment
A sense of enlightenment
A sense of the limited time we have
Here on earth to live magnificently
To be as great and happy as we can
To explore our potential to the fullest
And to lose our fear of death
Having regained a greater loved
And reverence for life
And its incommensurable golden brevity.

So it is with this moment
A gigantic death
And an enormous birth.
This mighty moment
In timelessness.