23 May 2010

Middle Aged Hardcore: A Play In One Act

May 2010. Portland, Oregon. It has been a temperamental Spring. Expectations are high. Opportunities are few. The population is revved up and raring to go but ominous clouds drifting from the West have other ideas.  A white male, probably in his mid-thirties is sitting on the stairs of his front porch, catching up on his ‘text messages.’ The asphalt is currently dry.  Before, long another white male, probably in his mid to late thirties happens by.

Pete: Hey, what’s going on?

Jeff: Not much, What’s going on with you?

Pete: I’m just trying to re-create a Minor Threat record cover but instead of a skateboard, I have a cell phone. Do you like it?

Jeff: No. How about you put on a pair of fucking Nikes while you’re at it?

The two men grab a cup of tea and their skateboards before the weather can sour things even further.