31 May 2010

...and now the weather...

Foulweather is about to go on summer haitus.

I'm hoping to put out the fourth and final issue of Foulweather this year and will post up when its a reality. I also have a couple of other pieces in the works that I'm hoping to get published elsewhere and will post up, as and when that happens.

Then the plan is to finally put all my efforts into Foulweather the book. Working title, 'Foul Weather On The Beach: Confessions Of A Guilty Expat'

You can get issue #2 by PayPaling me $5 and #3 by PayPaling $2.50. Please add $1 for shipping US/ $2 International.

Here's a recent review of issue #3!

Foulweather #1 is available from Microcosm Publishing and #2 and #3 are available from Reading Frenzy and Powells Books.

And foulweatherpress.com should be updated by the end of 2010.

In a couple of weeks I'm packing my speedo, camera, notebook and swim fins and heading off to England, Wales, Ireland and Sicily. I hear talk of an active Atlantic season.

Cheers for the support,