07 September 2010

Zine Reviews Summer 2010

I thought I'd quickly  review a few of the zines that came my way over the last couple of months. One because despite the onward proliferation of virtual media, apparently magazine readership continues to rise. And despite the monopolization of mass media and continued diffusion of various noxious forms of social networking, it is also apparent, many people still appreciate diversity of culture and independent production and distribution of art and ideas. And two, because getting my hands on other people's efforts kicks me up the arse and motivates me to continue my own contribution to meaningful communication and celebration of peculiarity through Foulweather.

Here we go, in no particular order.

First up his Issue # 10 of Destroying Angels. Some of you will know Dennis Dread from the poster art from Foulweather #2. As well as being an excellent artist himself, he is also a passionate documentor, promoter and curater of other underground art. Destroying Angels is always full fascinating interviews and stories from the metal, punk, horror art and beyond underground and issue # 10 is no different... well actually it is different as both the front and back cover are in 3D. 3D is so hot right now! Each zine comes with 3D glasses. Forget Avatar. The highlight of this issue for me was the excerpted interview with Joseph Smith from Dread's upcoming book Entartete Kunts: Art from the Metal Punk Underground. As with most of Dread's work, Destroying Angels is not for the faint of heart or poseurs.

Next, is Cat's Teeth #6. This is what I suppose people refer to as a PerZine or Personal Zine. I can dig it to a point and perhaps if I knew the author it would mean more to me but its mostly a cut and pasted diary. Obviously heavily Situationist influenced- the key theme is Alienation- and that's why I read the whole the thing, even though there did not seem to be any real resolution or realization, beyond personal expression. A nice window into a tortured mind for sure.

Jay Dords and I are destined to meet one day. Our mutual friend Josh has passed on our respective zines to each other on several occasions and I feel a kinship to this mad Irishman. I even made it over to Ireland last summer, alas I didn't get to Derry. Anyway, Jay seems to be one of the movers and shakers of Northern Irish skateboarding and creator of Boggin' zine; a man that makes shit happen. As with other issues of Boggin' zine this one was hilarious. Great photos and stories of Irish skateboarding and shenanigans totally ruined by a fucked-up photocopier- just the way it should be. The highlight had to be the story of Irish Radpublican Army volunteer  Nosaj O Flaghrttaig and his 10 Whiskeys, 10 Hillbombs- Check the youtube version here.

Finally we have issue #2 of Point Never. I ordered this from Kirk of Consafos/ Foam and Function and it did not disappoint. Point Never bills itself as  an independent publication devoted to the diffusion of images and texts relating to surf and skateboarding culture; a portrayal of multiple truths, mythologies, abstractions, antipodes, commonalities and communities. Sounds good to me and I would say this minimalist collection of art and black and white photography does just that. With a beautiful lay- out and print job, I'd say this zine is worth checking out, especially since one Pound from every copy goes to the National Geographic Society Oceans Project. From what I can tell each issue of Point Never is very limited, so you should get it while you can. Issue #1 is already sold out.

Get your own copies:

Destroying Angels
Cat's Teeth
Boggin Zine
Point Never

Or make your own fucking zine and send me a copy.