18 November 2010

Toronto July 2010

i looked him in the eye
and considered
this eye of his
was partially created so the universe could start to see itself

it blinked coldly at my luggage
i searched for the human being behind this eye

i wish the best for most human beings

he unzips my back pack

“Why were you in Belfast?”

i’m a mostly law-abiding person
even though i struggle at times

even though i know that the law and logic don’t always correspond

“Visiting a friend.” i reply

i pay my taxes
jump through the hoops
even though I celebrate
cracks in the fa├žade
the fragility of it all

his stupid fucking uniform
and why do we have to clear US immigration in Canada?
and aaaaarrrrghh

“What’s this book about?”
he picks up my copy of Kropotkin’s “Mutual Aid”

i try to be nice
i try to make my presence on this planet more of a contribution than a detriment
but the INS seemingly don’t think that’s enough

“Basically it contends that co-operation was perhaps a more significant factor in evolution than competition.”

“Contrary to Darwin?”

“No, Darwin saw this potential also.”

“How long were you in Northern Ireland?

“About a week.”

my child is now upset
wondering why we are being searched
she just wants to get home

“Why’s that man doing this to us?”
“Just doing his job.”

keeping all of us safe
ensuring things keep plodding on
day in day out

i look for a human being
as his pale hands stuff my belongings back into my back pack

i think I detect a slightly sympathetic smile
as we’re freed to run like maniacs to catch our connecting flight to the
US proper