17 November 2010

McDonalds Is Hiring

i sit and i wait
for someone’s life to fall apart
i told myself i’d wait awhile before processing this fact properly
But its what I do

then when they come to me

they paint me fragmented pictures of their horrors
i nod sympathetically
sometimes I think about my next cup of tea
i might look out the window and ponder how two sets of clouds can move at different speeds in the same sky
day-dreaming about my day off
the beach

they might reveal more at this time
or hold back because they know I’m not there with them
but i rationale i’ve watched people walk into turbulent seas
for a long time
i’ve got a sense
we’re both human
looking for distractions
in between eating, sleeping, shitting

i think about my own child
where does it begin to go wrong?
when are they shattered?
when was I shattered?
when is that moment?

I might ask
what do you want to do with your life?
it is a scripted joke and I’d rather not hear the answers
i want to go to college
i want a job
i house
i’m sorry for asking

you want someone to listen to you
you want to be safe
you don’t need to act so tough
i know your tough
i know you’d like to take a break from being tough

and so it goes
and I have my own script
of short-sighted solutions
to problems
of a cosmic magnitude
McDonald’s is hiring