16 November 2010

Portland Premier Of 'In Search of The Miraculous'

Thursday the 2nd of December
Clinton St Theatre

I know I've been harping on about this flick for some time but Pontus Alv's films really resonate. Even if you don't skate, it will be worth your while. This is far from you Hi Def, quickly edited, mundanely scored, glorified product promotion of a skate video. This is a film in the true sense of the word. If an alien came down from outer space and asked me what skateboarding means to me, and I was too tired to offer my current thesis, I would sit them down in front of one of Pontus' projects.

The other reason to go, is it is a fund-raiser for the Brooklyn St Skate Spot, which is pretty much finished but will need more funds to be completed and maintained. Don't tell anyone about this spot though as its all ready blown out... He he...

Unfortunately, I'm going to miss this. I will be knee-deep in mud in Washington but I've watched it plenty. Still, it would have been nice to see it on the big screen with a nice pint of filth in hand.

Support DIY filmmakers, skatepark builders, see what skateboarding is when it is not on the Dew Tour. Here's a shitty youtube segment but do yourself a favor and check it out as it is meant to be seen.