18 February 2011

Doctors were attacked and beaten when trying to treat the wounded. Msnbc Photo

As people attempt to bury their dead, security forces are reportedly using live ammunition on the crowds. Please know that elected leaders of the US and UK know very well what's going on. Please know your elected officials have sanctioned the supply of arms and crowd control equipment to Bahraini security. Please know that your elected governments have actively supported and sanctioned this totalitarian monarchy for decades. The Al Khalifas and Hillary Clinton can argue how far things have come and how this 'constitutional monarchy' has moved closer to democracy but that farce has been horribly exposed.

As it stands Bahraini opposition is relatively secular and moderate but that will not last. This is how terrorists are birthed. Strip a teenage Shi'a boy of his dignity, imprison and torture his older brother, open fire on his mother, and you're not going to keep him passive for long. Violent fanaticism of one form or another will be an increasingly appealing option for this young man. He's got nothing to lose. They need to know rationale thinking people in the West give shit about their plight.

We are bedfellows with thuggish monarchs and viscous dictators, make no mistake about it. The question is how long are 'we' going to sanction this?