07 August 2012

Surfing: Officially Over

There are a number of reasons, why I quit surfing but here is one of them. $105 for a fucking wooden box to put your wax in. Use a plastic bag, for fucksake and then when the plastic bag is done chuck it in the sea because like the Invisible Comittee said, "Why bother cleaning the house as its about to fall off the cliff?" Seriously though, it gets to the point where 'sustainable, functional unique' design just disappears up its own arse while offering no meaningful challenge to the status quo.

On a related note, last week's New York Times Mag, had half-arse piece on Occupy Oakland and anti-capitalism but it did make an interesting point that all these boutique counter-cultural shops are essentially embracing the same tired model, while promoting gentrification... first the 'artists' 'hipsters' 'punk kids' move in... It reminded me or Portland where, you'd like to afford a hand-made bike, USA made jeans and so on but in reality who the fuck can afford it? And you'd like to go to an Art show featuring NW surfers but it is sponsored by Wieden and Kennedy.

Advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill pail.
- George Orwell.