09 July 2013

Fetus On A Leash

we write songs just abstract enough, so they feel OK weeping with us
but we have some specifics we are trying to hide from 
the 18th of July 2013
a fetus on a leash*

maybe there is a common enough thread
as we drift
after all

drowning in the same waters
all together

all together now
grasping each other in panic as we sink

can i look you in the eye?
together now
all together now
can i look the boy in the eye?
fetus on a leash
to be let go on 18th of july 2013

so long
tidy boys
take care
all the best
it is up to you now
fetus on a leash

here are the numbers to call
the people to reach out to
because we are
letting you go

all together now
letting go
of the fetus on a leash

-For Mitch

"I have a Fetus on a leash" is a line from the song 'Jubilee Street' by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds