11 July 2013

Stretch Surfboards 2x4

When the mind is clear the details fade into meaninglessness. When the mind is cluttered it wants to seek out and hang onto eighths of an inch, tail shapes, outlines, glassing schedules, concave, rocker, foil. I was doing alright for a few years. I had an envelope in the basement, that I would stash the odd $20 in, ready for when I 'needed' a new board. But I never felt like I needed one. Surfing was better that way, not giving a shit.

But like the money in the envelope, the clutter mounted and something had to be done to clear them both. 

The above board is an effort to get back to the magic board I had during my salad days on Gower. Sure, it is beefed up a tad to accommodate challenging Pacific Northwest paddling conditions, enhanced beer gut and aging agility,  and it was built with modern fancy materials and construction but the concept is similar. An all rounder, daily driver, quiver-killer, go to, 2x4, a tool for a job I'm trying to complete.