26 June 2014


A phone call with a nice man from India also named Peter, I had a little while back:

"Hi, Mr Lewis? This is Peter, Hello Sir, I'm just calling to let you know you're computer has a virus."
"Oh that's wonderful."
"Yes Sir, Mr Lewis. Would you like me to show it to you?"
"Very much, Peter. I would love that."
"Ok Sir, so click on the bottom right hand corner, on the grey box. Now what do you see?"
"I see the most wonderful things. Flowers, birds, trees. Its so wonderful how interconnected we all are these days. Don't you think so Peter?"
"Yes Sir Mr Lewis, I know. Very good. Now do you want me to show you the virus?"
"In a second, Peter. I am just on my way to the lavatory."
"Sir, let me just show you the virus, just click..."
"But I'm on my way to make poopsie. Hey, would you like come with me?"
"Sir, perhaps I can speak with your wife while you go?"
"No, no, I insist, I'll bring the phone with me and we can make poopsie together."
"OK sir, goodbye."
"Goodbye, Peter."

If You get the message, hang up the phone- Alan Watts.