15 March 2011

Martial Law

Hamad Mohammed/Reuters Photo

Well Martial Law has been declared in Bahrain. Saudi troops are allegedly shooting anyone on the streets, defying curfew. There are some horrendous photos circulating of gun shot wounds to the head. One ray of hope is that reportedly some Sunni have had enough and are now coming to the defence of their Shi'a brethren. With any luck the Al-Khalifas will dig their own grave with this. Or perhaps it is out of their control now? Perhaps Saudi is calling the shots in a desperate attempt to prevent Iranian influence gain a stronghold....

Mum, Dad, the airport is still open for now. Get the hell out, while you can...

Not sure what else to say. My thoughts are with everyone out there. I hope the people of Bahrain know that some of us are trying to pay attention and find the truth amongst the chaos.

I'm not sure what the fuck our elected officials are doing, if anything, at this point....

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