16 March 2011

Letter from my dad

Not sure I should post this but it is not everyday one gets an email from the front line... I'm trying to keep my shit together as they find a way out....

Hello All,

Well, it had to happen, a full scale conflict is occurring here in Bahrain. Unfortunately for K and I; we are trapped in our apartment, surrounded by a massive contingent of troops in tanks and armoured vehicles etc., together with rioters and riot police firing tear gas, live ammo. and cannon fire; not nice. The situation is now very serious. Some of the rioters are even attacking ambulances and the paramedics!

We do have enough food to last a few days and have been told to flee the country ASAP, but there are no airline seats available at the moment and we are on a waiting list. However, even if we do get a seat, the possibility of getting to the airport is highly unlikely. The gun fire is becoming ever incessant and getting on our nerves, but the noise from the helicopter gun ships that sweep around throughout the night is really causing us to lose a lot of sleep.
We can't even get back to our friends at the residential areas, which are relatively quiet, because of the road blocks manned by both troops on certain routes and the rioters on others!

What a mess this beautiful country has fallen into. I have never seen such a massive and intestified military presence in this region, or any other conflict zone to quell an uprising; it certainly seems like taking a sledge hammer to squash a fly. However, these people cannot be criticised for their out and out bravery. considering they are relatively unarmed to take on tanks and heavy gun fire! It is reported by a Doctor friend of mine that some of the troops are using shot guns!!

If this conflict continues for too much longer, I will have to resort to using the assistance of those Shiites still loyal to me; at least to get us to the airport. That is, if seats become available. If one seat becomes available, K will have to go alone. I will do my best to blend in and get out when I can. This should not be too difficult for me as I have dear friends on both sides.

Having written all that as we sit here, the gun fire and burning is increasing in intensity, and I and Kathy are worried sick about the innocent people caught up in the carnage.

Apart from all of the above, K and I are in good spirits and, I'm sure, the imposed reduction in our calorie intake will further our quest to get fit and well again!!!

Please pass on our sincere best regards to all our friends.

With Our Friendliest of Regards,

T and K