17 March 2011

Well my parents are free to move around today, relatively unhindered and without being harassed by either side of the conflict, apparently. Not sure, about the flight situation though. I just hope they jump on one when the opportunity arises but I think they have gone to stay with friends at a 'safer' locale. Thanks for those of you that have been in touch.
However, it is the people on the streets who are the ones who need our thoughts the most. They aren't going anywhere. I think the best we can hope to do for them, is to try and sift through the chaos to find a semblance of truth about the situation.
Some worthwhile analysis of recent events in Bahrain:

Mark Lynch for Foreign Policy

It is crazy to think people like Nick Kristof follow this type of thing around the world. How can a human being function when they're dodging bullets one day and writing about the devastation in Japan the next?

Back to my cushy life of coffee and checking the surf forecast...

Wishing the best for everyone trying to reclaim their lives from recent disasters both natural and political.