22 July 2009

No Offense Intended

It seems my use of the world 'clown' when describing Yvon Le Caer might have offended some people. I just want to clarify that it was a reference to a post I made about clowns a couple of weeks ago. It was meant with the highest respect and I do not see 'clown' as a derogatory term. Even on Le Caer's website he is described as 'Divinely Foolish-' A beautiful compliment if there ever was one.

I do concede that some people may use/ view the term in a negative manner.

As athletic as Aqua-Cycling maybe- as a skateboarder I feel a kinship to this man and I feel what he was doing was less a sport and more public performance art. The images of a man cycling across vast expanses of water are both ludicrous and tremendously awe-inspiring and made my day brighter.