05 April 2010

You're Already Dead

Image Gee Vaucher

"No theory, no ready-made system, no book that has ever been written will ever save the world."
Mikhail Bakunin

I'd probably disagree but I think this is a useful quote, especially when placed in context with a recent interview with James Lovelock. Lovelock is British scientist now nintey years of age now, came up with the Gaia hypothesis in the 1960s. His basic thesis is that this planet and all its inhabitants make up one big organism. It took decades for scientists to accept this principle and it was apparently frowned upon by hardcore Darwinists such as Dawkins. Anyway, Lovelock's theories were adopted by a wide spectrum of thinkers as it fits in nicely with everything from Deep Ecology, Taoism, Buddhism, Anarchism, Primitivism, Paganism and so on. Personally, I feel when one's philosophical, political, religious and scientific opinion to begin overlap in such way, you're probably onto something worthwhile.

Finally, we will understand that cooperation not competition with all living things is in our collective interest, capitalism can never be sustainable. War and poverty will be a thing of the past. The psychosis that resulted from our increasing disconnect from nature will find some relief. All social ills, from cops in Portland killing those in mental crisis to seven year olds getting gang-raped in NY to children being sacrificed in Uganda in rituals intended to promte 'prosperity' and kiddie-fidling priests will be a thing of the past. The, Tea Party activists will sit down with the Blac-Bloc for a cuppa and we'll all joke about how Barbaric civilization was for a tiny-spell in the otherwise relatively trouble free history of our species.

Sorry, too late for late that. Lovelock believes we're fucked, either way.

His most recent interview with the BBC is incredibly pessimisitc. He is now contending that recyling, carbon-offsets and pretty much any effort we are going to take to try and prevent global warming are essentially pointless and there is little to nothing we can do to prevent reaping what two hundred or so years of industrialisation have sowed. Lovelock argues, if we really give a shit about humanity, we need to figure out how cities in the nothern latitudes are going to acoomodate fleeing migrants from doomed low-lying countries like Bangledesh.

The coming Apocalypse used to fascinate me, probably because it was a remote fantasy, more sci-fi than reality. But now, it doesn't sound so appealing. I'm thinking our vegetable garden needs some serious expansion, I need to start collecting rain water and I need to arm myself . Did you know New York City wastes about 50% of the water it attempts to bring into the city through antiquated pipes?

Shit, I'm moving to Dial House.*

What are we supposed to do with this information.... Wait for some Alien Imperialist (probably an alien equivalent of a white American male) to fall in love with us, while intially exploiting us and wait for him to plug himself into Gaia, so like Christ, he can save us from forces out of our control. All in 3D!

How's the surf looking next weekend?
Did you see that video where the Deer and the Dog play ball together?
Starbucks is testing out a new look!
Tori Spelling's divorce is off!
Dow +44.36
NASDAQ +23.28
S&P +8.65
Get paid on Thursday.
It will all be OK.

*The Crass Doc There Is No Authority But Yourself is well worth a viewing.